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The Impact Africa Technical University-USA Chaplaincy is an academic branch of the Impact Africa Technical University USA in the Faculty of Chaplaincy and Christian Law with its Faculty office in South Africa. It runs 12 to16 weeks intensive Bachelor Degree in Chaplaincy with 12 Course modules.

A chaplain is, traditionally,

Chaplains, like Pastors are religious leaders who celebrate religious rites and provide spiritual guidance. Chaplains, who qualify in the Biblical definition of evangelists, provide these services within institutions, such as the military, schools, prisons and hospitals, while Pastors lead local church congregations.

University Goal:

A good chaplain which minister through a "ministry of presence “requires excellent interpersonal skills to listen to your parishioners' worries, fears, hope, and grief and to provide comfort, counseling, and spiritual guidance in response to their issues. Hence good Chaplains are trained in Peace Resolution, Human rights law, Diplomacy, Vision and Mission, International Negotiation, Leadership, Public Relations, Pastoral Care, Anger Management, etc. to enable them effectively fit into the institutional fields of different countries that are white unto harvest, including fire rescue units, law enforcement agencies, correctional facilities, emergency health care units, and military services to provide support, serving as a counselor and guide to the psycho-spiritual needs of the staff and patients; performing religious services; evaluating patients; and providing crisis intervention.

Christian Leadership has come to a crossroad as most gospel ministers have out of ignorance, hunger and selfishness involved in the practice of soothsaying, divining, voodoo, necromancy, sorcery, psychic, palm reading, witchcraft and cultism in other to receive spiritual power and amass wealth by brainwashing their church members and keeping them in bondage with false prophesies, miracles and the preaching of heresy; hence Christianity is ridiculed.

Impact Africa Technical University USA Chaplaincy under the university motto “Empowering Knowledge and changing mindsets” (Capacitar conhecimento e mudanca de mentalidades) is birthed at this time of great transformation of reality in the history of Christianity by empowering ministers of the gospel and Christian Leaders with exposure through global learning, removal of inferiority complex and increase proximity in learning and information in observation of the scripture 2 Timothy 2:15; “Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth”.

Our purpose is to extinguish the recycling of mediocre and falsehoods in the ministry, and equip gospel and non-gospel ministers to be valuable Christian Leaders who not only are useful on the pulpit, but also valuable stakeholders in their communities and society at large by empowering their minds to expand and think.

The world is moving toward a universal legal culture of world law as represented by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Therefore evolution is moving in the direction of the realization of human rights, equality among women and men, and toward people-centered economic growth.

The emerging world society is to be governed by the rule of law rather than by force or by wealth, hence a culture of cooperation and a culture of solidarity is built; for to be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others.

It is pertinent to mention that educational institutions are academic homes where students are fostered and nurtured with ‘intellectual food’ and other life supporting skills that enable them to grow into independent and value-adding individuals that will positively impart society upon graduating.

Impact Africa Technical University USA Chaplaincy Course Modules are studied virtually (zoom) to reach global students which include: Leadership 1 & 2; International Negotiation 1 & 2; Chaplaincy and Historical Background; Responsibilities and Objectives of Chaplaincy; Anger Management; Pastoral Care; Human Rights; Diplomacy; Public Relations; Peace Resolution; Vision & Mission; and graduation of students for the Winter and Summer Classes take place in two academic sessions annually in South Africa and any other designated country as approved by the University Board.

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